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How French (and English) are we?

A bilingual, professional family team:



Early background

I was born and brought up on the Bassin d'Arcachon on the Atlantic Coast near Bordeaux. I did a literary Baccalauréat and then a degree in French Literature at Bordeaux University.

Foreign experience

I have worked as a French language assistant at a Teacher training College in the South of Spain and at a Comprehensive School in London.  In England, I married the Head of the Modern Languages Department and spent five years perfecting my English, working as a trilingual administrative assistant and starting a family.

Return to France

Since 1986, we have been in the Pyrénées Orientales, first in an agricultural village and now in the historic city of Perpignan. We are a double nationality bilingual family with two grown up children. We have always been fully integrated in local life and activities, while at the same time maintaining contact with the anglo-saxon world.

Throughout this period, my husband and I have been involved in language teaching,either as a private business or on a salaried basis for government and semi-government organisations (Secondary schools, Perpignan University, Perpignan Chamber of Commerce etc).


I completed my language teaching qualifications with a degree in FLE (teaching of French as a foreign language), University of Perpignan 1987 and with the CAPES (French National Competitive exam for secondary school teachers) in English 1999.

My experience of language teaching is wide : from individual tuition to groups of 35, from infant school to senior citizens, from general conversation to specific exam preparation. I have taught French to English, Americans, Finns, Germans, Argentinians, Chinese and Vietnamese amongst other nationalities as well as French as a mother language (language and literature) and English as a foreign language to French students.

In September 2007 I registered as a freelance business (Siret: 49960624200018). One of my main customers is the local rugby union club, USAP, where I teach English to French players and commercial staff and French to some international members of the team.



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