Comments from satisfied customers

Arthur (17-yr old American student and entrepreneur)

" Whatever numbers of hours you imagine yourself speaking French, at Carole's, that number will be doubled. Spending 2 weeks speaking French non-stop with 2 excellent teachers will propell your French, at any level, forward, forward, forward"


Hans-Jürgen (teacher from Germany):

"I needed to prepare for my French Exam (University Master Course) and I came two times for two weeks on a one-to-one course: I passed the exam with flying colors...Total immersion also meant French cuisine of the original kind: wholesome and excellent without being too fancy. I miss it."

Karen (archivist from New York):

"Mme Howarth ... is extremely organized and disciplined, integrates a student's personal interests within an individualized lesson plan and applies a thoughtful strategy to a student's learning experience. ... If you want to increase your French language proficiency, then register with Mme Howarth, roll up your sleeves and prepare to learn!"

Mike (A-level student from London - NB: we later learnt he got an A in his oral)

"I did a 3 day intensive course in preparation for my A-level French speaking in April, which comprised of seemingly impossible translation texts which over some time I managed to conquer. I would say the experience was invaluable and I would urge everyone to do it."

Eva (university teacher from Sweden):

"Me and my husband spent one week at Carol Howarths language course as internals. We had lessons 3 hours each morning, free afternoons and dinner with conversation in French.Taking into consideration that my husband is a beginner in French and my skills are better, both of us learnt a lot. Besides excellent language course, Carole and Mike created a friendly atmosphere which made us feel relaxed and comfortable. The food was very good and there was a swimmingpool in the garden. I can recommend Carol Howarths language course to people who want to know not only the language but also the culture and atmosphere of France."