Comments from satisfied customers



Jilly from Perth in Australia, summer 2018:
“I haven't learnt French formally since year 10 but have always loved the language. I started to learn again on retirement, just for pleasure. I took a two-week residential course with Carole in the Summer of 2018. The course was tailored to my needs, hard work and well worth it; Carole is an excellent teacher. I was also able to experience some of the culture and sights of the Arcachon Basin, visit Bordeaux and enjoy French cuisine. The accommodation was comfortable and private. French was spoken at all times with Carole and/or Mick on hand for guidance. My confidence has grown immensely as has my enjoyment of spoken and written French. I would thoroughly recommend Howfrench and hope to take another course sometime.”


 Karin, Management trainer from Germany, autumn 2018

Ich habe zwei Wochen zum Französisch Intensivkurs in Taussat bei Carole und Mick verbracht. Ich spreche bereits halbwegs Französisch, wollte aber flüssiger werden und meine Grammatik verbessern, da wir planen, uns ein Haus in Frankreich zu kaufen. Der Kurs bei Carole war super. Carole ist sehr kompetent und hat sich auf mein Niveau und auch individuelle Wünsche und Bedürfnisse gut eingestellt. Beim Essen haben wir Französisch gesprochen, was das Gelernte im "Alltag" weiter vertieft hat. Ich habe in dem getrennten Appartment im Haus gewohnt. So war ich nah dran und doch für mich  Wenn es mal kompliziert wird, sprechen Mick (ist Engländer) und Carole auch Englisch.
Die Gegend ist sehr hübsch und macht den Aufenthalt total angenehm, 5 Min und zum Strand und genug Ziele für Ausflüge am Nachmittag.

Arthur (17-yr old American student and entrepreneur)

" Whatever numbers of hours you imagine yourself speaking French, at Carole's, that number will be doubled. Spending 2 weeks speaking French non-stop with 2 excellent teachers will propell your French, at any level, forward, forward, forward"


Hans-Jürgen (teacher from Germany):

"I needed to prepare for my French Exam (University Master Course) and I came two times for two weeks on a one-to-one course: I passed the exam with flying colors...Total immersion also meant French cuisine of the original kind: wholesome and excellent without being too fancy. I miss it."

Karen (archivist from New York):

"Mme Howarth ... is extremely organized and disciplined, integrates a student's personal interests within an individualized lesson plan and applies a thoughtful strategy to a student's learning experience. ... If you want to increase your French language proficiency, then register with Mme Howarth, roll up your sleeves and prepare to learn!"

Mike (A-level student from London - NB: we later learnt he got an A in his oral)

"I did a 3 day intensive course in preparation for my A-level French speaking in April, which comprised of seemingly impossible translation texts which over some time I managed to conquer. I would say the experience was invaluable and I would urge everyone to do it."

Eva (university teacher from Sweden):

"Me and my husband spent one week at Carol Howarths language course as internals. We had lessons 3 hours each morning, free afternoons and dinner with conversation in French.Taking into consideration that my husband is a beginner in French and my skills are better, both of us learnt a lot. Besides excellent language course, Carole and Mike created a friendly atmosphere which made us feel relaxed and comfortable. The food was very good. I can recommend Carol Howarths language course to people who want to know not only the language but also the culture and atmosphere of France."